We are so proud of our baby girl Taylor.  It broke our hearts to learn how she had been abandoned by her previous owners before HGRR rescue. She was so shy, incredibly scared and totally not trusting humans we feared we’d never be able to train her safely off lead even in a contained environment.  Her first night in her new home we lite a fire in the fireplace and picked her up and laid her next to mommy on the sofa.  It was obvious she’d never been in a home before.  Well… needless to say she’s come a long way baby.  We need to credit Pauline, she’s truly a genius match maker.  She told us Taylor was a good girl and all she needed was a lot of TLC and be a great companion for Pete, also a HGRR alumni.  She was so right.  Although Taylor’s still shy and scared of her own shadow it’s been rewarding and heart warming to observe Taylor grow into her own special, sweet personally and learn to live a happy, loving, and spoiled life.  She’s now able to approach our visitors and neighbors on the street with confidence and enjoyment.  She plays and loves her big bro Pete. She swims in our “aka” her swimming pool, gleefully jumps out of the pool to roll in the  grassy yard with such ecstasy we wish we could do it.  Taylor has been our little miracle.  Thank you Pauline for “your” miracle work.

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