Pandora – Heartland’s Mythical Treasure


Pandora – Heartland’s Mythical Treasure — 4th December 1999 – 24th March 2015

The Grande Dame, the Matriarch of this household went to the Bridge 24th March 2015. She was almost 9 yo when I rescued her in November 2009 and made me another foster failure. With her humans she was a sweet girl, sometimes stubborn and very strong willed. To the other goldens living here, granddog Barley and the visiting rescues, the curl of the lip would indicate her displeasure and they soon learned not to test.
15 1/4 years is a good age for a Golden and and least I got to share and give her 6 great years of comfort, warmth and indoor living.
Goodbye sweet girl.

Pauline Stevens

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