Maggie V & Teddy Bear

Maggie was our first senior golden that we adopted from Heartland. She was actually our 4th senior golden that we had adopted over the years. There is no other dog that can compare to the love and companionship that a senior golden shows to its forever home owners. We adopted her when she was 11 and she went over the rainbow bridge just shy of her 15th birthday. After Maggie we went a year, a very lonely empty year, without a senior golden in our home. We kept our eyes on the Heartland website and Teddy Bear, for some reason, just wasn’t getting adopted. We new we had to have him. He was scheduled to be flown to New England, but once on board, the flight had mechanical problems and was canceled. A month later, Teddy was transported north via the “Heartland Caravan System” and finally made it to us in New Hampshire. Teddy has been a loyal member of our family ever since, and that void that was missing in our household was quickly filled. We have now had Teddy since July 10th, 2011. His real age was not quite know, but our vet is putting him around 12/13 right now. He is comfortably sleeping besides me as I type and will follow me wherever I may go, as he is my steadfast loyal companion who keeps an incredible internal clock : ) Adopt a senior golden, the time with them may be short but it is most definitely sweet!!! Thank you Heartland Golden Rescue.

Sue Gauthier


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