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updated 2/25/19

Red Roses

Leslie Russell (1) In memory of Melanie and Heidi. Miss you every day girlies. And you, too, Smokey boy.
Cheryl Taverna (1) 
For Lucy, my HGRR alum, who gave me so many wonderful years of her silliness, spirit and love. I miss you every day, my little girl, Your mom forever
Carolyn Cranmer (1) 
In honor of Jenny and Sadie. In loving memory of our Bridge girls Jessie, Abby, Hannah, Chloe and Ruby
Pauline Stevens (1) to Super Cat, Mollie

Dark Chocolates

Amy Arnold (1) Dedicated to the entire bag of Butterfinger Jinglebells that Paddington ate one time while I was at work. He is my best friend and I cherish every day I get to spend with him. I love him so much!
Pauline Stevens (3) 
to my two wonderful Golden beings – Izzie and Blue

Milk Chocolates

Lisa Nestor (1) In memory of Bud and Lollypup
Marlene Darling (6) 
Chase, Noah and Annabelle will be fondly remembered.. Marlene

White Chocolates

Mary Jane Bowman (2) in honor of my lovely lady Abby
Pauline Stevens (11) 
to All my wonderful Goldens who have gone to the Bridge —Penny, Spring, Annie, Lillie, Luke, Clover, Bridgette, Ellie, Bentley,Delta, Pandora

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