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Red Roses
Cheryl Hopkins
 for all my golden babies that have cross the rainbow bridge. I love you, Jessie,  Ginger, Jenny and Brittany. Forever in my heart.
Debby Burroughs (2) One rose in memory of my mother, Mildred Rosemond.  She loved dogs of all breeds and was a great grand-dog mother to Rusty, Sam and Ginger. One rose in memory of my first Goldens, Rusty, Sam and Ginger.
Susan and Peter Kirk  In memory of all the Golden Babies we have loved and lost,  Boy, Jacque, Starr, Copper, Sally, Rusty, Dakota, and Rocky.

Kathy Perry In Honor of Ruger from Roz & Hershey
Kate Schindler
(2) In Memory of my mother Katherine Martin who passed away 31 Jan 2007.  She loved all dogs but especially a golden.
Pauline Stevens
In Memory of David Stein, a true Golden Lover and Heartland supporter
Pauline Stevens
In Memory of Reece, the Ginger kitty who was too young to die.  Loved and missed by Julie, Chuck, Ian, Megan and Kristin
Ro Vinson
(2) in honor of Bogey and Bacall
Lynn Grenier 
In memory of my golden retriever, Stinky, who passed away on June 30 2015 and Rocky, my papillon, who passed away June 11, 2015.
Sheryl King
(4) for Walker  who cross over the bridge Jan. 11, 2016. He will be greatly missed.
Pauline Stevens
(2) in honour of my two wonderful daughters, Julie Stansberry and Helen Dixon

Dark Chocolates
Suzy Nattress (2) In honor of my nephew and niece Oliver and Eleanor Daboo

Milk Chocolates
Lisa Nestor In memory of our rescue golden Bud
Angie Hall In memory of all the dogs we have loved and lost.

White Chocolates
Ro Vinson (26) in memory of all the dogs and cats I have owned as an adult that are waiting at Rainbow Bridge
Pauline Stevens (9) In Memory of all my Goldens at the Bridge:  Penny, Spring, Annie, Lillie, Luke, Ellie, Bridgette, Clover and Pandora
Jane Holmgren in memory of Noah–Golden Retriever

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