If you think you might be interested in fostering, here are a few guidelines for you to consider.

What we look for in a foster parent?

  •  Someone who would be approved to adopt a dog from us.Someone who is willing to devote time, love and effort for a dog that will come with excess baggage.
  • Someone to  provide information about habits and behavior in daily life so that we can provide as much information as possible to the adoptive family.
  • Someone who will be  responsible for daily care of the foster dog, including feeding, exercising, socializing,  transporting their foster to the vet if needed; brushing; reinforcing basic obedience commands, observing and reporting general behavior and temperament.
  • Foster families are not expected to cover any medical costs for the golden in their home, but are asked to use vet facilities approved by Heartland. We will provide the dog food,  and monthly Heartworm Prevention, however WE DO NOT PROVIDE Flea/Tick prevention.. Foster placement could last a few weeks, a few months and sometimes even longer.

Some Dos and Don’ts

  • Dogs must be crated at all times during a foster parent’s absence.  Heartland cannot be liable for any damage incurred.
  • Dogs are not to be left outside, tied up or have the use of a doggie door
  • All Heartland fosters must be considered part of the family
  • A fenced yard is not required but is preferred. The foster dog must NEVER be allowed to run free. If your yard is securely fenced, the golden may be exercised there off leash. Outside the yard the dog must be on leash at ALL times.
  • If you need to travel while you are fostering we would need to be given advance notice so that we can make alternative arrangements.
  • You will be told when you first receive your new dog that if you feel you might like to adopt to let us know immediately.  We will remind you and give you the chance to  have the first right of refusal but once an applicant has expressed an interest, and you have already said you were not interested then you cannot go back on your word.

If you do decide you would like to foster

Fill out:
Our foster application online or print
Our volunteer application online or print

Printed applications can be mailed to:
Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue
234 Morrell Road # 118
Knoxville TN 37919

A home visit will be conducted if the application thus far has received approval