We would like to thank all of you listed on this page for your generous support. We will try strive to make sure everyone who donates to us is listed and listed accurately but please forgive us if we do make an occasional slip. This page will be updated monthly and will remain on the page for three months

April 2017

  • Ira Block

February 2017

  • Trentham Family
  • Coulter Family
  • Ball Family
  • David Isenberg
  • Dawn Baker
  • Anderson Family
  • Sheryl King
  • LeConte Family
  • Baker Family
  • Haywood Family
  • Daley Family
  • Chris Enrico
  • Dedham Veterinary Services
  • Best Family
  • Hobson Family
  • Sara Ebbs
  • Jamileh-Sofia diGuida
  • Carol Schappel –In memory of Daisy. Thanks for all you do Pauline.
  • Alice Andrews
  • Kate Schindler
  • Tony & Norma Lynn Perry
  • Kathy & Bob– keep fighting!
  • Rebecca Cantrell
  • Catherine Carmichael
  • Jack & Marlene O’Hanlon
  • Cheryl Taverna–For my bridge baby – Lucy.
  • Debby Burroughs

January 2017

  •  Pauline Stevens–In Memory of Beaux, beloved Golden and family member of the Daleys
  • Pauline Stevens — In Memory of Rich Brady, beloved husband of Coby Hinkens

December 2016

  • Laura Sweeny–in honor of our rescue dog Madison who came from Heartland Dog Rescue.She is doing very well.
  • Bridget Hauserman–Donation made for Mark and Marcia Morrill’s 50th Anniversary!
  • Landa Trentham–Christmas Tree donation
  • Raquel Baehl–In memory of Lillian our “blackened retriever” (golden retriever mix, she was black though). We miss her and wanted to make a donation in her honor.
  • John Kranaskas
  • Coby Hinkens
  • Sandy Varney
  • Kate Schindler
  • David Isenberg
  • William Dryman
  • Nancy Valentine
  • Sara Melton
  • Suzanne West
  • Gary Trantham

November 2016

  • Kate Schindler
  • Sandy Varney
  • Coby Hinkens

Contributors to the David A Stein Memorial Fund

Marion Kellerhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Kjellman
Mr. & Mrs. Sontag
Bruce Timperly
The Kern Family
Mr. & Mrs. Britton
Lenoir City Animal Clinic
Linda & Lee Walter
Anne & Steven Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Mathot
Richard & Geneva McBride
Jaye Cesana
Martha Ellerman
Neil & Sharon Bennett
Bruce & Susan Timperley
Mr. & Mrs. Binkowski
James Acker
Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn