We would like to thank all of you listed on this page for your generous support. We will try strive to make sure everyone who donates to us is listed and listed accurately but please forgive us if we do make an occasional slip. This page will be updated monthly and will remain on the page for three months

August 2019

  • Suzanne D Sawicki in honor of Fletcher
  • Mary Ferguson

July 2019

  • DeAnna Edge
  • Cyann Peterson in honor of Friday
  • Kate Schindler

May 2019

  • Debby Burroughs
  • Kate Schindler (for Boomer)


  • Coby Hinkens
  • Sandra Varney
  • Kate B Schindler

Donations In Memory of Sammy Isenberg

Donations generously matched by The Isenberg Company

A note from David Isenberg

As you know, I have a strong passion and commitment to helping dogs. I am have been very fortunate to have some wonderful friends & companions over the years. I have Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue and Pauline Stevens to thank.

Pauline started Heartland many years ago and has made her life’s commitment.

Heartland rescues Goldens and sends them all over the United States to loving forever homes through a network of amazing volunteers. The costs for helping these amazing dogs is significant. The cost of food, lodging and medical expenses for the dogs that come to Heartland is significant. Often times dogs given up to a rescue are done so with significant medical needs

I am asking anyone who shares this passion or supports mine will help Heartland with its financial needs. I am looking to help raise $20,000. If you would help out and send a donation to Heartland and in the note section simply put “In memory of Sammy Isenberg”, The Isenberg Company will match up to $5,000. Any amount is appreciated.

-David Isenberg

Thanks to the following donors!

June Chiarella
Rhonda Mitchell
Harvey Hurvitz
Chris Gerard
Landa Trentham
Kristen Kitchen
Mark Isenberg
Linda Dautel Barr
Pauline Stevens
The Isenberg Company
Cheryl Taverna
By Design Inc
Lori LeConte
Reeva & Lauri Ellen Liverman
& Caryn Hall
Wayne Cardwell
Wellesley Toyota, Nai Enterprises Inc 
Fred & Margaret Baker
Jamileh-Sofia diGuida
Debby Borroughs
Ro Vinson
Donna Whaley
Brown & Brown of MA LLC
Rebecca Cantrell
Sally Hedgepath
Kathy Perry
Dedham Veterinary Associates
Landa Trentham
Boanerges A Lopez
Nick Vecchic