We would like to thank all of you listed on this page for your generous support. We will strive to make sure everyone who donates to us is listed and listed accurately but please forgive us if we do make an occasional slip. This page will be updated monthly.

June 2022

  • David Isenburg
  • Debbie Anischik

April 2022

  • Roz & Hersey, in honor of Roz’s 14th birthday! Happy birthday Roz!

March 2022

  • Landa Trentham

February 2022

  • Carol and Donald Griswold (Madison is 14 and doing very well and Sadie Mae is great)
  • Dennis & Kathy Hayward (Berkeley continues to do great!)
  • Kathy Perry, in memory of Linda Bonjorno

January 2022

The Betty White Challenge (In her honor on her 100th birthday – Jan 17). Thank you for being our friend!

Leo and Kenzie StevensSheryl King 
David Isenberg:  The Isenberg BrigadeLori LeConte:  Jack and Ozzie
Debbie and Remy AnischikBeth Kemler 
Melissa Rivers Andrea Brady 
Nannette Clark Linda Dautel Barr 
Donna M Vozenilek Kristen Kitchen 
Susan A Nattress Edward and Nancy Weber 
Donna Whaley Debby Burroughs 
Ro Vinson Roz Perry and Herschey Perry 
Kristine MonastLisa Nestor
  • Jacqueline Decou – Alpine Pet Sitting (Anchorage, AK), in memory of Jeff Peterson

December 2021

  • Valorie Brown
  • Pauline Stevens in honor of Heartland Volunteers
  • Bob and Jean Sinclair 
  • William and Toni Bowling
  • Colin and Suzanne West
  • Laura & Craig Sweeny in memory of Madison Sweeney