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Ready Freddy (adoption pending)

Now, before you go falling in love with this baby, believe me when I say, real dedication is needed — this 10mo baby is not for everyone. He has never been taught any manners, he bounces well  off people, off the walls ; he is a counter surfer; he does well in a crate but if left too long then you had better have plenty of stamina for play and exercise. He is exceptionally sweet, very loving and sensitive. He is good around dogs, cats and children but cannot go to a home where the children are under 8. We do have a few applications he might match but before you make an application remember he is going to need consistent training; he could be an obedience candidate with the right owner, even agility could be considered. Consideration should also be given as to whether you have room in your vehicle for a large crate – he cannot travel loose. A harness might work for him but a crate would be better. He will go out on a foster to adopt contract as he is too young to be neutered at this time.

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