I have to tell you about our adoption of Beau. When we lost our beloved Katie to Bone Cancer in 1999 we swore that we were finished; it was just too hard to love them so much and lose them. But our lives were so lonely that we decided to get a Golden puppy and set out to find one. We found what we thought was the perfect breeder.

Since we had already registered for our first Goldstock we decided to go ahead and go even though our precious Katie would not be going with us. I had been on the lists and had seen a post from Pauline Stevens of Heartland GRR. She was bringing several rescues with her to camp and wondered if some of us who would not be bringing a Golden might help her out for the weekend. I wrote back and said that we would be willing to do this. To most of you, the rest is history. We met Beau at 10PM Friday night, only to be with for the weekend you understand.By the next afternoon we were helplessly in love with this boy and, during the Rescue Parade that afternoon, he became a part of our family!! Because of our lifestyle we can only have one dog and so we were not able to have our puppy. But, we have never regretted our decision despite the fact that Beau came to us with a few issues. He was underweight which we knew we could soon remedy. But, our vet said that he had one of the worst cases of separation anxiety he had ever seen!! With lots of love and the help and support of some of our listers, we were soon able to overcome most of this.

This “Throw Away” guy became so much a part of our lives that we don’t know how we ever lived without him!! We used to have to give him a little speech when were going out so that he knew we were¬† coming back. As long as we did this he is just fine.

As much as we love puppies, we will probably never have another one; there are just too many “Throw Aways” out there who need help and unconditional love. We have never for one instant regretted adopting our precious Beau and we thank Pauline and Heartland for entrusting him to us!! Even though Beau was a senior when we adopted him, we had him for as long as some people who get younger dogs.

Sorry this is so long, especially to those of you who have had to listen to me over the past ears. You will NEVER regret bringing a rescue into your home and your heart!

Lynne and Peter Lamb

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