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Paddington is the joy of our lives! He enjoys being as close as physically possible to his parents and requires a minimum 4 hours of cuddling per day. He loves chasing pigeons as they fly overhead and can sense squirrels from 3 miles away. He thrives living in outdoorsy Chattanooga, partaking in trail runs and dog park visits often. Adopting him has been the most rewarding decision we have ever made, as he is such a unique and wonderful character! Goldens are so intelligent and eager to please. I would not trade this dog for anything. Thank you for Paddington!

Amy Arnold & Chad Campbell


Walker was our 3rd rescue, June 2007 and one of the best. Always wanting his hugs. He went to the bridge on Jan 11, 2016. If you were outside, in the garden, garage or mowing, didn’t care how hot it was he was right there by your side. He would find that shade under the tree and just keep his eye on you. It will not be the same around here without Walker. Boat days will never be the same. When he heard the truck start in the morning,  he knew he was going boating that day. Once while walking on the shore he saw a pontoon and ran and jumped right on. It was not our boat and the other couple laughed and thought it was great that he loved boats so much.  Missing him greatly.  Mom & Dad


Hairry (aka “Jonty”)

Our beloved Hairry (aka “Jonty”) went to the bridge on Monday evening October 26, 2015 at age 12 and a few months. Adopted from Heartland in June 2005, he was our loving friend and loyal companion for 10-1/2 years and will be deeply missed by his Mom, Dad and little sister companion Gabby.

We spent many hours on walks at Warrior’s Path State Park, greeting new found friends, playing in the front yard with the favorite “toy of the day” he picked himself and laying under a tree just watching the world go by.

You will remain in our hearts as a special one.

Doug Becker, Jean Ellison & Gabby

Hairry aka Jonty

Pandora – Heartland’s Mythical Treasure


Pandora – Heartland’s Mythical Treasure — 4th December 1999 – 24th March 2015

The Grande Dame, the Matriarch of this household went to the Bridge 24th March 2015. She was almost 9 yo when I rescued her in November 2009 and made me another foster failure. With her humans she was a sweet girl, sometimes stubborn and very strong willed. To the other goldens living here, granddog Barley and the visiting rescues, the curl of the lip would indicate her displeasure and they soon learned not to test.
15 1/4 years is a good age for a Golden and and least I got to share and give her 6 great years of comfort, warmth and indoor living.
Goodbye sweet girl.

Pauline Stevens



I have to tell you about our adoption of Beau. When we lost our beloved Katie to Bone Cancer in 1999 we swore that we were finished; it was just too hard to love them so much and lose them. But our lives were so lonely that we decided to get a Golden puppy and set out to find one. We found what we thought was the perfect breeder.

Since we had already registered for our first Goldstock we decided to go ahead and go even though our precious Katie would not be going with us. I had been on the lists and had seen a post from Pauline Stevens of Heartland GRR. She was bringing several rescues with her to camp and wondered if some of us who would not be bringing a Golden might help her out for the weekend. I wrote back and said that we would be willing to do this. To most of you, the rest is history. We met Beau at 10PM Friday night, only to be with for the weekend you understand.By the next afternoon we were helplessly in love with this boy and, during the Rescue Parade that afternoon, he became a part of our family!! Because of our lifestyle we can only have one dog and so we were not able to have our puppy. But, we have never regretted our decision despite the fact that Beau came to us with a few issues. He was underweight which we knew we could soon remedy. But, our vet said that he had one of the worst cases of separation anxiety he had ever seen!! With lots of love and the help and support of some of our listers, we were soon able to overcome most of this.

This “Throw Away” guy became so much a part of our lives that we don’t know how we ever lived without him!! We used to have to give him a little speech when were going out so that he knew we were  coming back. As long as we did this he is just fine.

As much as we love puppies, we will probably never have another one; there are just too many “Throw Aways” out there who need help and unconditional love. We have never for one instant regretted adopting our precious Beau and we thank Pauline and Heartland for entrusting him to us!! Even though Beau was a senior when we adopted him, we had him for as long as some people who get younger dogs.

Sorry this is so long, especially to those of you who have had to listen to me over the past ears. You will NEVER regret bringing a rescue into your home and your heart!

Lynne and Peter Lamb

Maggie V & Teddy Bear

Maggie was our first senior golden that we adopted from Heartland. She was actually our 4th senior golden that we had adopted over the years. There is no other dog that can compare to the love and companionship that a senior golden shows to its forever home owners. We adopted her when she was 11 and she went over the rainbow bridge just shy of her 15th birthday. After Maggie we went a year, a very lonely empty year, without a senior golden in our home. We kept our eyes on the Heartland website and Teddy Bear, for some reason, just wasn’t getting adopted. We new we had to have him. He was scheduled to be flown to New England, but once on board, the flight had mechanical problems and was canceled. A month later, Teddy was transported north via the “Heartland Caravan System” and finally made it to us in New Hampshire. Teddy has been a loyal member of our family ever since, and that void that was missing in our household was quickly filled. We have now had Teddy since July 10th, 2011. His real age was not quite know, but our vet is putting him around 12/13 right now. He is comfortably sleeping besides me as I type and will follow me wherever I may go, as he is my steadfast loyal companion who keeps an incredible internal clock : ) Adopt a senior golden, the time with them may be short but it is most definitely sweet!!! Thank you Heartland Golden Rescue.

Sue Gauthier




2006 – It had been 6 months since our Ginger went to the Rainbow Bridge. I wasn’t sure about another dog, but after going to Goldstock, we realized how much we missed having a dog in our lives. It was shortly thereafter that Heartland posted pictures about an 8 year old Golden whose family no longer wanted her. As soon as I saw the photos, I knew where she belonged. And the process for adoption began.

Mel was not without issues. She had been an outside dog her entire life. She was afraid of men with beards. She was afraid of the car. She was even afraid to come inside. She was afraid to connect with humans.

Over the next 9 months, she gradually knew what family love was all about. Maybe for the first time in her life, she had a soft bed to sleep on. When thunderstorms came through, she had someone to hug her and tell her things would be okay. She had someone to go hiking with and explore new places. She finally knew the the touch of a hand could be gentle and loving.

Well, here it is 8-1/2 years later. She has now spent more than half her life with us. At 17, she has slowed down, but is the kindest, most loving dog ever! She still loves going for walks and rolling in the snow. I wouldn’t trade these years for anything! Here’s to you, Mel, and to Heartland for bringing us together!

Thank you, Heartland, for all you do.

Leslie and Nathan



When I lost my 13 year old golden, I missed her terribly but thought I would not miss cleaning the door glass and vacuuming dog hair constantly. After a year, I realized my life is not complete without a golden, even with associated messes. A friend introduced me to Heartland GRR and I found Scooby. When he came to live with us, he was a young, exuberant, and goofy dog – thus his name. His unbridled enthusiasm and energy may have been due in part to the fact that he had been confined for heartworm treatment for a month and he was so happy to be free. He was a talented counter surfer and strong enough to drag me on a leash. But eventually, after obedience training and lots of reinforcement, we learned to live happily together. He seemed so grateful and so wanted to please me, but of course, has done so much more. He is my loyal companion, exercise buddy, watchdog, squirrel chaser, floor sweeper, and bright spot in my life. He is also a therapy dog who provides unconditional love to patients in the nursing home and helps children who are struggling with reading. It’s hard to believe it has been 9 years since Scooby came to live with us and my sweet rambunctious pup is now a gentle old soul. We are bonded, he and I and I love him very much. Thank you to everyone at Heartland and Lenoir City Animal Clinic who helped make us a family.

Donna Losson

Heartland’s Busy Izzie CGC


Izzie made me a foster failure 7 times over! She was a hard nut to crack and when she came into the programme I felt she was going to be hard to place with her temperament problems and health issues. Fast forward a few years and she is a wonderful travelling companion, wrestling companion for Bentley and all round well adjusted girl. We occasionally have a few issues when other dogs challenge her, especially the little ones. Izzie is very much My Girl – Love you Miss Iz. The photo was taken on our trip to New Hampshire in September 2013

–Pauline Stevens

Special story

A very special Golden named Cody and a very special little girl named Trisha

Heartland is very very proud of not only Cody (or Bentley as we knew him) but also to be involved in this very special adoption. Trisha’s Mother contacted us looking for a Golden that we felt could live and help (as in being almost a constant companion) to her daughter who has Spina Bifida and many other health problems. A tall order, but Bentley came to mind. When we first met up with Trisha at a local park, she and her Mother took Bentley for a walk, he was not put off by the huge stroller and all the equipment that went with it, he just walked by her side as though he had been trained for the job, but the *highlight* came when, after the contract had been signed and we were rearranging the van to make room on the back seat for Bentley, he did not hesitate to get into the van when invited but NOT on the back seat – he jumped straight into the middle seat and squeezed in next to Trisha.

Cody, as he now is called has just spent a restless week without Trisha, as she had to be hospitalised to have her tonsils removed; he was one very happy camper when she came home.

trisha and cody1

trisha and cody2

trisha and cody3
Update from Trisha’s Mother:

22nd February 2001, He is so sweet. Trisha is sick with another urinary tract infection. She is not feeling well at all. Cody is laying in front of her crib until he reluctantly has to move for me to take care of her. I wish I could catch on film what was going on when he is laying on the floor in her room like that. But the way we have to have her room set up to have access to everything we need it just is not possible.

trisha and cody 6 trisha and cody7 erincody

More of the story…

From Trisha’s Mom – I did get a picture of him guarding her bed when she was sick. He has really gotten so that he lays there about 90% of the time when she is in bed. I have a hard time convincing him he does not need to go to bed the same time she does at night…

trish and cody8

He insists on walking next to Trisha’s wheel chair when we all go for a walk. I know it would be much easier for him to walk with someone else ahead of us or behind us. If he has to walk away from Trisha he has to be behind her so he can see that she is okay. If he is in front of her he is constantly stopping and coming back to be with her.

trisha and cody9 trisha and cody10

trisha and cody12

Update: 26th March 2001

Trisha received a new piece of equipment. She is sitting in it in all the pictures except for the one she is being held in. Cody was going to make sure that it was okay for her to be there. She loves it because now she can sit on the floor and play like any other 22 month old. Pet her doggy while sitting up and get doggy kisses.
trisha and cody13 trisha and cody15 trisha and cody16 trish and cody14

Cody flew to Albuquerque NM for the 2001 Golden Retriever National Specialty where he received an Honorable Mention in Animal Assisted Therapy at the Grace Awards Ceremony.national1

July 2001

Trisha in her swing for the first time. Cody had to make sure it was okay for her to be in it.
trish and cody 21

September 2001

trisha and cody 18
September 2001, with big Sister Erin.

Trisha and Cody playing on the livingroom floor. We were told that Trisha would never sit up. Cody has helped her have the determination to do what she was not suppose to do.

trisha and cody 20 trisha and cody 19

November 2002

Trisha decided that she wanted to snuggle with Cody. She fussed and fussed until we moved her on the other side of Cody. Then she snuggled right up to him.

trisha and cody 22

The Final Chapter

Sadly Trisha died on Tuesday 29th April.

The following emails between the family, Heartland and volunteers tell the story

Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:37 pm

Subject: Need your thoughts and prayers

On Friday Tricia was rushed to Childrens Hospital. Trish had a raging fever 104.9 (I believe) It was felt she had another kidney infection and possible septicima (spelling?). On Saturday she was moved to ICU and her whole body was septic (once again spelling?) and blood pressure reading off the wall. I have not spoken to Lore today but heard from her neighbour and friend that Trish was hanging in there, but she was not very encouraging.

Wed Apr 30, 2003 9:55 am

Subject: Cody’s visit with Trisha

We had to pull a lot of strings to get this to happen. They actually had to take it to the upper board of Children’s Hospital. Fortunately there is a big dog lover on that board. So the visit got passed as long as all the other parents in the ICU ward were willing to let it happen and as long as no one had any dog allergies. Now the ward was quite full. There was a great chance that someone had allergies to dogs. Praise God no one did. He had to come up the back elevator and only had a 15 minute visit. When we went in to see Trisha he immediately went to her bed and looked at the chair we had there for him to get on so he could be by her. He has never thought of getting on any furniture in our house so he was hesitant to do that. My sister put him up on the chair. He put his paw on Trisha’s bed by her foot the only free spot on her little body. We put her foot on his paw and her blood pressure and heart rate went up. She knew he was there with her. After awhile Cody took his foot down. Looked at all the IV and med lines that were hooked to Trisha, the pumps they were attached to, and then back at Trisha. Then he looked at the respirator and back at Trisha. Finally he looked at the monitor that had her vital signs on it then looked at Trisha. After that he had a very sad look on his face and kissed her foot. Then he kept trying to inch his way closer to Trisha. Only he could not get any closer. So he decided fine I will just curl up her on this chair and wait with her. When his visit time was up he reluctantly left her side. He is sad but at peace with it.

He has his last Annie performance today. He had one yesterday and I was told he did Awesome!!!! I think he was doing it for Trisha because he knew she would want him to enjoy life to the fullest. When he got home yesterday our house was full of people. He went to Trisha’s room and laid on his bed next to her bed for a little while. Then he came out and greeted all those that we here for us. He is one very special dog with a huge sensitive heart. Thank you Heartland for helping us with this precious match.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003 5:57 PM

Subject: the last picture of Trisha and Cody together

………………….Also I wanted to let you know how Cody is dealing with the loss of Trisha. He had two Annie preformances to do after Trisha died. One being the morning she died and then the next morning. Tuesday night when he got home he went straight to Trisha’s room and lay down on the bed next to Trisha’s crib. He did this even though our house was full of people. He normally would check on her then socialize. He spent the next 3 days laying beside her crib. He only came out when he had to do the last play and when we told him he had to eat or go outside. By Friday he was out of her room but laying at the bottom of the steps with his head on the bottom step like he always did when he knew I was packing to take her to the hospital. On Saturday he started coming out more and laying around with GRacee and Jessie. Often we still find him laying next to her bed with a very sad face. He is still laying in front of the bedroom door after I shut the door for the night. He is still at his post to make sure he knows who is coming into Trisha’s room. I am sure this is going to be a long process for all of us including Cody.

The following photo (with the permission of the Knoxville News Sentinel)was one of the last taken of the two of them; taken during the time of Cody’s rehearsals for the Annie production.
Trisha and Cody

Heartland wishes to thank Lore and Bill for asking for Memorials for Trisha be sent to Heartland. We have set up a Special Fund which will be used to help adoptable Goldens in the programme who have storm phobias and other problems. We will purchase a vest called Anxiety Wrap, which has helped many dogs overcome their fear of storms. This vest will be used while they are in foster care and when they are adopted the new owers will have the chance to keep the vest by making a donation back to Heartland. This way we will be able to keep the fund alive.