Golden Facts

Golden Retrievers are medium-large sized dogs and can reach between 65lbs & 85 lbs at full growth; they require at least 30 minutes of exercise daily and lots of love and attention.

They should be fed quality dog food, preferably an all-natural diet, to keep them in good condition and lessen possible allergies.

Their coat is long and sheds year-round. While this can worsen allergies in humans, the impact of their shedding can be reduced with frequent brushing and grooming.

They usually have very gentle mouths, but they do enjoy chewing and should be provided with appropriate, approved items for chewing.

Golden Retrievers live to satisfy their family. HGRR strongly recommends obedience training to ensure maximum bonding and mutual satisfaction of the Golden and its owners.

Above all, Golden Retrievers have a very loving disposition and thrive on personal attention.

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS PLACED BY HGRR ARE NOT SUITED FOR AN OUTSIDE-ONLY LIFE; they require and deserve their own place in your home.

Heartland DOES NOT ENDORSE underground/hidden fences. A fenced yard for safety and exercise purposes is preferred but not essential. Goldens adopted from Heartland must be exercised on leash and not allowed to run free. We believe there are very real dangers of underground/hidden fences.  Although this article was written about Shelties the same arguments apply to Goldens.