Adoption Policy–Children Under 8

Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue (HGRR) has long had a policy to not adoptto families with children under 8 years of age. This policy may be disappointing to some adopters, but we believe that this is best for yourn child as well as for our dogs. We may consider an exception to this if the family will send a separate email to  that explains reasons that we should consider them.

Unfortunately, we seldom have a complete behavioral history on the dogs that come into our program. Many are strays and we don’t know why the dog may have been abandoned. Even those who are owner releases may not be 100% trustworthy since frequently aggression of any kind is not reported. Therefore, we have no idea how that dog has been treated in the past or even the attitude of a previous owner toward the dog, all of which can and will affect a dog’s behavior.

Goldens are known as the ultimate family dogs who get along with everyone that they meet. However, a large strong dog can easily unintentionally knock over a small child or play too rough simply because of its enthusiasm. This is especially true of younger Goldens. Also, a young child cannot be expected to know and understand any signal that the dog may give and a negative situation could quickly escalate.

Since our mission is to make the best placement possible for our dogs, we believe a home with older children offers the best chance of a successful adoption – one that is a win-win for both the dog and the family. We all want this to be the “for-ever” home for our dogs.