To ensure that prospective owners are serious about their adoption, a $25.00 (non-refundable) adoption application fee is charged. Once an application is submitted, the fee should be sent to Heartland within three days. This fee will be applied against the adoption fee.

Adoption fees help cover the cost of medical treatment (examinations, spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm check, and micro-chipping) given before the Golden is adopted.


Adoption Fees

Golden Retrievers & Pure Breds

Puppy-5 Years $350
Ages 6-7 $300
Ages 8-9 $200
Special Needs & Seniors Minimum donation $100

Golden Mixes and Other Mixes

Puppy-5 Years $275
Ages 6-7 $250
Ages 8-9 $150

There is a 14-day trial period for all adoptions. If the Golden is returned within this time, the adoption fee (less the application fee) will be refunded.

HGRR attempts to place their Goldens in the best possible home environment, and to that end several interviews will be held between the prospective owners and HGRR volunteers.

If you have children under 8 years of age in your household, or who visit you frequently please read this link

PLEASE NOTE: A submitted application does not guarantee adoption of a Golden from HGRR; nor that the dog an applicant would like to adopt from HGRR, is the one that is best suited to meet their needs, and HGRR reserves the right to offer one they feel is better suited to match the application.

IMPORTANT – Please read …With so many Goldens needing our help in Tennessee and surrounding states. We are willing to help transport dogs from Tennessee and Virginia to other areas of the United States.

The transportation fee for any overland transport of 5 hours or more that we arrange is $150 .Average cost for a long distance transport via a commercial transport is $225 per dog. (We do not use commercial transports).

This transport fee applies for any dog adopted that has been fostered in another area and the dog gets adopted in that area. Flight transportation costs (if it involves a dog going Air Cargo) are the responsibility of the applicant.

Adoption fees and transport costs are subject to change without prior notice.

Please read our Golden Facts page for more information.
Review a copy of our contract.
Fill out our online application or download, print and mail to:
Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue
234 Morrell Road # 118
Knoxville TN 37919